Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Livin la vida loca...

It seems like forever since our little family has had a weekend off without any plans, obligations, or stuff to do. We are livin la vida loca! It's been a great time and all, but I'm really ready for a few weekends full of no to-do lists. We went to some Halloween parties in late October, and had an awesome time trick or treating. We went to Disneyland in the beginning of November, where Ryan and I celebrated 7 years of marriage, and I celebrated the last 20something birthday I will ever have. Last weekend we got my side of the family together for some family photos, attended an engagement party for some good friends, and then yesterday carried out my obligation as the Fanno Creek Ward Relief Society Meeting Coordinator by throwing a festive Holiday dinner and program for the sisters in our church - Here's to "Keeping CHRIST in Christmas". Next up: Ryan's parents return from Africa next week, Thanksgiving dinner, Black friday shopping, and the following week I'll have my gender-revealing ultrasound, followed by a ward Christmas breakfast, and finals week for Ryan. *deep sigh* As I said "livin la vida loca".

So now for some dirty details! The Halloween events we attended included: The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island with the Richmans. Fanno Creek ward halloween party, Horizon Air work halloween party, Griffith Park ward halloween party, and of course Halloween Night trick-or-treating ! The pumpkin patch was super fun. We always get a kick out of watching Elijah interact with his little gal-pal Leah Richman. One minute they're driving each other crazy and the next they're hugging and pulling the other over to play. It was also exciting to see how Elijah acted around the Richman's baby Stacy. He was curious, but cautious. I do wonder how he will do when mommy and daddy are holding another baby all the time in a few months. Should create some interesting times. Anyway the other Halloween parties were all somewhat similar in that we got to see Elijah interact with the other kids. He loves to run and play, but he is clearly not used to sharing "his" toys... or candy. lol. Pumpkin carving didn't go nearly as well as I had hoped. Last year he was all about scooping out the yucky stuff, so I assumed since his dexerity has increased this year he'd be really helpful getting all the goosh out. Not so. He touched it and then put it back making a yucky frowny face. Then went to go find the i-pad to play with. Ryan and I still had a good time carving though.

Halloween night - ha! Who would've thought I would get tired before Elijah!?My back was so sore and I was so cold. Elijah did fantastic though! Everyone thought he was so cute. He always got extra candy. They'd say "just take 2 or 3" and he'd take a huge handful of 5, they'd laugh but frequently didn't move the bowl of candy away fast enough and Elijah would be grabbing another handful.They just thought it was cute. Ryan & I were just embarrassed. oh well. It was a good time, he is still learning, and we still have lots of candy. lol.

Disneyland was awesome. It was the first time we have ever been on a vacation with just our little family of 3. Which was good and bad. Mostly good though. Elijah got to ride most the rides we wanted to. There were only a few we wanted to ride that he couldn't. And since I'm pregnant there were a bunch of rides neither of us could ride so it worked out well. Elijah & I rode the buzz light year ride a few times while Ryan rode the Star Wars ride, and we made it work. We were very disappointed that 2 rides we knew Elijah would love were out of service: Pirates of the Caribbean and Small World. Well I guess we'll have to plan another trip to Disneyland in a few more years. :-) The first day was nice and sunny, the 2nd day was rainy and we seriously considered not going. Decided we didn't care much for California Adventure park. All the good stuff is in the Disneyland Park. It was a fun little trip, but kind of a busy vacation.
Last weekend the family got together for some pictures before we're all grown up & move away. Since Daniel & Katie are considering moving to go to a dental school for Daniel, and Ryan is considering joining the Navy, we thought it would be good to get in a good professional family photo session. It was fun, and we got some really great pictures. I LOVE the ones of Daniel and Katie. They're such beautiful people! Anyway. There were lot's of good / fun ones.

As the Holiday season approaches and since I just finished a whole Christmas program  last night, I have to say how glad I am for the Spirit of Christmas coming our way. Excited for Elijah's little face to light up with joy seeing Christmas lights, and the good times to be had with family and friends. The hope that just maybe our house will see even a dusting (or several inches) of snow. Ryan will be finishing his very last days of school at PSU in early December. I'm so thrilled to get to see more of him again! He is graduating with a Bachelors degree in Science. Then the end of December looks like it will be good happy free time for our family to enjoy each other before the New Year and tax season begins. And that is our crazy life. :-)