Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our baby girl Evelyn: a birth story...

I know, i know. Everyone always wants to tell their birthing horror stories, and you've already shown bravery in reading this far. Well the day Evelyn was born was pretty exciting for us, and since this is my webpage I will write whatever I want.

It seemed like an ordinary Thursday on April 19th 2012. Just a few days after tax season had officially ended, I  went to work as usual - showed up late, and worked til 5:30pm. Daniel informed me when I walked in that today was "The day". "I wish!" I told him. After work, I picked up Elijah from Mark & Sharon's house (Ryan was at work). Starving, I picked up some eggrolls and Elijah fell asleep in the car on the way home. I carried him in, ate my dinner and began to feel a little back pain. Now please keep in mind I'd been feeling back pain off & on sometimes accompanied by random contractions so this time really seemed no different. I decided a nice warm bath would help.

AT 7:54pm I texted Ryan, "I just had 3 contractions really strong about 15 min apart.. Will see if it continues... I'm taking a bath - I'm in pain. youch!"

AT 8:08pm Ryan texted me, "Sounds like a plan keep me informed :-x"

AT 8:51pm I called Ryan and said something along the lines of, "SO I might be in labor - I'm not really sure... If you leave work a few hours early & come home now, will you get in trouble at work we find out I'm not really in labor?? I want you to come home but I'll feel stupid if it turns out this is false labor". He said, "No Sara it's fine. We are slow I'll just come home now." Okay. Ryan is on his way home from the airport. I hurried & got dressed, woke up Elijah got him dressed & made sure my hospital bag was truly ready to go.

AT 9:06pm-9:12pm I called Ryans parents, Daniel & Katie, and my mom (who was with her new BF Matt). As I was desperately trying to control my out of breathe voice and intense cramping, I told them all the same thing I told Ryan, "I might be in labor, we're probably going to the hospital. Ryan is on his way home now". To which they all asked if I needed help, or wanted them to do anything for me. I said no and told everyone not to worry about it until we could find out for sure. LOL then after each call I took about 30 seconds of time to scream some ouches, hold my abdomen, and continue to reassure Elijah that mommy was okay.

AT 9:14pm Ryan got home and Daniel called to offer help coming to the hospital and watching Elijah. THIS is when I realized I was in real labor. I was trying to climb into our new tall SUV talking to Daniel telling Ryan I was okay, and the look on Ryans face as I was all in pain and breathy said it all. It was the kind of look I get all the time from Ryan that says "oh Sara you really aren't thinking clearly".... hahaha. So Ryan took the phone and finished talking to Daniel while I tried to breathe and realized I needed drugs for this kind of pain.

AT 9:30pm(ish) Ryan drove up to the front doors of the hospital and said, "well I'm gonna drop you off here, not sure where the maternity ward is exactly. I'll meet you in there after I park". doh! guess i should have walked in the hospital to jog my memory where the maternity ward was in relation to the front doors.

AT 9:32pm(ish) I waddled my way to the front of the line of people waiting to talk to the night guard of the hospital. I didn't have time for common courtesies like waiting in line! I demanded to know where the maternity ward was to which the faces of the people in line softened. He told me which way to go, and told me to wait & he'd call for a wheelchair. But I was already waddle-stomping off toward the elevators as I hollered back to him, "no thanks - i don't have time for that!"

AT 9:40pm(ish) I was pushing the paperwork back at the maternity ward lady saying I really didn't have time for that ish! and said something like, "I think I'm in labor. It hurts a lot, can I get an IV and drugs soon please??" To which the lady calmly told me I'd have to be examined first. THEY WERE TAKING FOREVER! So slow and like they had all the time in the world. Finally I went into an exam room shed my clothes as quickly as possible and the lady asks me to pee in a cup. ARE you freaking kidding me!? okay I tried. but not really. Ryan came into the room - OH THANK Goodness he was here to be my advocate. HA!~ Just as 3 racecars come buzzing into my feet courtesy of Elijah. oh dear.

AT 10pm(ish) The triage nurse came in and said she was gonna take a look. As her head came up she looked confused and in more of a hurry. "Uhm Sara you're dilated to a 7 or 8 and your baby could be coming very quickly, we need to get you an IV and checked in to a room." NO ISH! I thought. Politely I believe my response was, "okay, can I please have some drugs and an epidural as soon as possible PLEASE?"

AT 10:10pm-10:45pm PAIN. and more PAIN. some humor. Daniel & Katie were first on the scene. I'm screaming and begging for drugs and I see them walk in front of my bed. Katie's eyes revealed her sympathy for me, and she half waved and hurriedly grabbed my poor little WIDE eyed and spacey looking Elijah who was sitting just a few feet away from Ryan and I. They quickly directed his attention elsewhere and took him out of the room. A few minutes later Ryans parents & my mom arrived, Mark looked sick and a bit uncomfortable in the room I was spreading my legs and screaming in. Elijah wanted Nana Krystal's attention so she stayed out with him most the time. Sharon offered a quick hug and asked if she could stay- Sure! I really didn't care what happened during those moments as long as someone was either giving me drugs, or getting an anesthesiologist in there. FINALLY the guy arrives apologizing that there were 2 or 3 other women also in labor (well at least someone was getting some pain relief that night). As soon as he sets up his horrific tool kit on a tray next to me, I feel my water break. Aww Sh!!!! I exclaimed (as I reflect on this whole labor I realize Ryan's mom probably saw a whole new side to me that night- lol).

AT 10:46pm The nurses said all the usual BS "Sara you can do this!" "You're a strong woman we can tell". "You got this!" "It's okay to scream, just push!" AHHHHH!! I'm like, "You don't know me. I'm not strong like other women. I can't do this. I'm not strong. I need drugs." Of course they said it was too late & baby would be here any minute and I just needed to focus on getting her here. So I did. I forced Ryan to hold still and act as my focus-point. Boy I loved him so much in those moments. And I knew how much he must love me. To be able to stand there and look into my grimaced face, messy hair, fading makeup, and my eyes revealing my intense pain. Yep that's true love right there.

AT 10:49pm (about 3 hours after first signs of labor) My sweet little new baby girl arrived. We welcomed her to our earthly reality and held her so warm and beautiful. Ryan kissed my forehead, and held my hands as they wrapped around my new little baby. The nurses congratulated me, my family members felt more comfortable coming back into the room. Elijah met his new sister. And I fell in love with my daughter.

Baby slept well that first night & so did we. We were reminded of the routine that goes along with having a new baby around. And Ryan and I spent the next 24 hours trying to determine what her name should be out of the list we had previously come up with. We agreed that Evelyn suited her best. And sometimes we call her "Evie" like E-V, like her initials! We also gave her the middle name of one of my grandmothers: Lyda (pronounced like Lie-duh). That little girl sure has a lot to live up to with a name like Evelyn Lyda Vendshus!

She's getting big fast. She's already holding her head up pretty good and almost rolling over. Ryan and I are tired but good. In her short little 6 weeks of life she's already been to 2 big birthday parties and 2 weddings where mommy was a VIP. Ryan and I are almost finished with her girly baby nursery room (which you'll get all the before and after details of in my next blog post). Ryan goes back to work next week when his maternity time ends. I started working again a few weeks ago. We are looking forward to Ryan's graduation ceremony, his 30th Birthday in Vegas and Evelyn's first family vacation - all in the next month.

Let the good times roll.