Monday, November 25, 2013

Adventures in Seattle!

It's funny how we still live in the Northwest, but it feels so different. Colder temperatures are starting to freeze me to the core every day now. Gorgeous scenery all around Seattle though - even in the cold. Most of our summer weekends were spent exploring the areas around Seattle. The "beach" is a far cry from the beaches we are used to in Oregon or California. While the cold-factor is the same the waves are totally different. Instead of soft smooth sand to walk on & dig in, here there are tiny pebbles and small rocks.

The kids have made some really great friends in the neighborhood. Evelyn is the baby and they all wait on her like she is a tiny queen squealing out orders. Elijah will talk in a "mommy"like voice asking what she wants, then come at me & Ryan demanding her care. LOL - it's adorable, endearing, and makes me laugh. Recently she has become extremely interested in babies and excitedly points them out whenever she sees them. It is not unusual to see her appear around a corner wearing mommys shoes (or someone elses on occasion too). She finds herself super entertaining and will clunkily walk to the full length mirror to giggle and smile at herself. Elijah is learning to read and write, as well as having some basic math memorized. Bouncing, rolling, jumping and climbing are just a few of his favorite ways to pass time. Since we moved we have also been doing what I call, “Slurpee Fridays!” where Elijah can earn a slurpee at the end of each week if he has kept his room clean.

Ryan's been having fun learning more about consumer safety and inspections of seafood. He’s been working really hard to support our family while becoming the primary grocery shopper and cook at home. He's been making tons of new friends. His calling in the Elders Quorum Presidency has been keeping him busy and involved with families in the ward.

I have been busy working at Comcast as a Direct Sales Rep (aka knocking doors). The "back to school" season kept me very busy working 50+ hours some weeks. Customer service is super important and I'm getting to use those mad skillz on a regular basis now days. Definitely learning more about what it means to work on a team - it's really like having family around everyday. Most the team lovingly refers to me as "mom" - it's kinda fun as long as I get to be the cool mom.
Life has been crazy busy in Seattle, but definitely the adventure we were hoping for. We are looking forward to the upcoming Holiday season and are more excited than ever before to spend it with our extended family.